How do I register for my Royal Oaks Homeowner's website account?

1. Go to the Royal Oaks Homeowners Association website at
2. Select Register on the left side of the Home page
3. Type in your Lot number to be used as your Login name. The Login name is case sensitive and must be set up starting with a capital L on Lot. Use your 2 digit lot number after Lot with no spaces. An example would be Lot01. If you do not know the lot number of your property, contact the webmaster at
2. Create a password and verify that password is correct
3. Enter your email address. The website uses email addresses for communications to homeowners in the association of information that has been posted to the website.
4. Enter your address and phone number
5. Check the box that states I have read and agree to the following terms and rules for this website
6. Click on Register at the bottom of the page to complete registration
7. The webmaster will respond within a reasonable time to acknowledge that the request has been received and will grant access to the website if all the necessary fields have been filled in correctly.

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